Earl Grey Forever After Patch & Giveaway

Earl Grey Forever After is available for FREE today! 

Since I decided to give it away, I thought it would be a good time to upload a small patch to it that fixes a few minor bits of spelling and a few words or passages that didn't quite seem to fit when playing as a male protagonist.

If you were curious about what romancing Earl Grey might be like, now is the time to get into a short but sweet romance defeating thugs and misunderstandings!


Earl-Grey-Forever-After-linux.tar.bz2 84 MB
Feb 14, 2018
Earl-Grey-Forever-After-mac.zip 79 MB
Feb 14, 2018
Earl-Grey-Forever-After-win.zip 81 MB
Feb 14, 2018

Get My Cup of Coffee: The Trouble with Earl Grey

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