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Small error on Forever After: If you select to make all characters gender liberated, it still says "the earl of Lemonshire himself" then goes to ne/nem/nir pronouns directly after that.

Thanks so much for reporting this! I'll see if I still have the codebase to available to fix it! Much appreciated! <3


I only played for one ending (got the happily ever after yay) but this was a nice quirky game with fairly short read and cute sprites. The colors are very warm and makes a relaxing atmosphere too. 

However when I tried to save my choices I was greeted with rows of codes. 

Aw thanks for writing this zanearaki! <3
I am so glad you got the happy ending!

Sorry to hear about the weird bug! Would you mind telling me if this was on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and when did you try to save? Hope I can fix it! :)

No problem :D

Windows. At 22 January 2020 I believe. The same day I posted this comment. 

FYI the main directory of Forever After (at least the Windows version) contains an archive game.7z with what seems to be an earlier build of the game, and which you probably didn't intend to leave there.

Haven't finished playing yet, but I really love your art style, and you have somehow managed to do the impossible and convince me to romance a man with mutton chops, so thank you =)

Yikes! Thanks very much for making me aware of this!! I shall investigate immediately! And thanks about the art style - it's nice to know that it doesn't always have to be traditional anime-style bishonen! He's just not the usual love interest, is he? ^_^